Ardour 8.6 released

April 13th 2024

8.6 is a hotfix release to correct a drawing bug that was not noticed/fixed before 8.5. It also corrects a crashing bug that can occur when using JACK2.

Ardour 8.6 is available now for Linux, Windows, and macOS. This is another "small" release without major new features, largely because our two lead developers continue to be busy with things linked to future releases.

However, 8.6 does see a fix for a problem in 8.4 that affected many Linux users (a crash whenever a file selection dialog was opened, triggered by the presence of certain icon files on their version of Linux).

a screenshot showing Ardour 8.0



  • Improvements to AAF import support.
  • Make it easier to use Ardour --gdb on linux by handling SIG32 automatically.
  • Do not include hidden plugin in plugin-list.
  • Use session-file version as part of backup file names in backup/ folder.
  • General MIDI MIDNAM file now includes drum names.
  • Display grid lines for triplets/quintuplets/septuplets.
  • When nudging a single control point, locate to the new position to make the time/position clear.
  • Add support for pitch bend to Reasonable Synth.

Bug Fixes

  • If "show snapped cursor" is disabled, do not blink the snapped cursor during drags.
  • Fix Snapping quintuplets and septuplets 2x factor grid: fix quintuplets 2x factor (septuplets still don't draw properly).
  • Update unversal legal path rule for windows (to avoid illegal file names there).
  • Add missing horizontal separator after last track header.
  • Work around itstools bug #9648.
  • Fix undefined symbol when built with VST3 disabled.
  • Disable broken septuplet option.
  • Adding new route in front now works as intended (#9651).
  • Fix jump to next/prev bar.
  • Discard untitled sessions even when not quitting Ardour.
  • Refilling buffers after edits now avoids gaps in audio data.
  • Set correct Timecode widget name.
  • Half-baked automation-point nudge.
  • Fix loading session by relative path.
  • Accumulate IO port-change signals return values.
  • Prevent crashes when trying to add/remove IOPlug ports.
  • Fix a -Wincompatible-pointer-types.
  • Ellipsize inactive track-header name-label (#9674).
  • Prevent double-click on the pianoroll to toggle track height.
  • Clarify that there are no archive file format options.
  • Fix crashing file dialogs - fdopen(3) requires _POSIX_C_SOURCE.
  • Set default time domain to Audiotime to sidestep various MusicTime issues.
  • Fix solo controller for Monitor bus.
  • Fix potential memory corruption in AVX512f DSP.

Fixes & Changes in GTK/YTK

  • Add option to enable G/YTK debug.
  • YTK is not interested in system-wide GTK Modules.
  • Use G_ENABLE_DEBUG with default debug builds.
  • Update ydk-pixbuf, backport upstream changes to io-xpm #9642.
  • Ardour no longer uses gtk modules.

macOS Specific

  • Editor drawing now optionally has an option to improve efficiency on several versions of macOS where Apple broke the NSView:drawRect interface.
  • Use native z-axis stacking (layering) for Dialogs.
  • Remove call to deprecated userSpaceScaleFactor.
  • Fix crash when trying to enter fullscreen while already in fullscreen.

Lua Scripting

  • Add Lua API to conveniently set automation data.
  • Add additional Lua bindings for interpolation.
  • Return Lua system-exec exit status.
  • Add Lua bindings to set session range.
  • Update Lua Action scripts from local file when possible.
  • Add Lua API to set plugin properties.
  • Add Lua API to query plugin properties.
  • Add example script to exercise Plugin Properties.


Robin Gareus, Ben Loftis, Biswapriyo Nath, Florian Walpen, Gianfranco Costamagna, John Emmas, Mads Kiilerich, Paul Davis, agfline, bansaghi, jean-emmanuel