Lua Scripts distributed with the current release

DSP Plugins

LTC Reader
Linear Timecode (LTC) Decoder with mixer strip inline display
Voice/Level Activate
Roll the transport when the signal level on the plugin's input exceeds a given threshold.
MIDI Note Mapper
Map arbitrary MIDI notes to others. Affects Note On/Off and polyphonic key pressure. Note that if a single note is mapped multiple times, the last mapping wins (MIDI events are never duplicated).
Noise Generator featuring either white noise with uniform or gaussian distribution, or pink-noise. The signal level can be customized.
a-Inline Scope
Mixer strip inline waveform display
a-MIDI Monitor
Display recent MIDIĀ events inline in the mixer strip
Auotomatable Mute/Gate
Simple Synth
An Example synth for prototyping: Sine-wave with a basic attack/sustain/release envelope, variable number of output channels.
AVL Drumkit MIDI Map
Map MIDI notes to drum-kit pcs of 'Black Pearl' or 'Red Zeppelin' AVL drumkit plugins. Unmapped notes are ignored. In case of duplicate assignments the later one is preferred.
a-Inline Spectrogram
Mixer strip inline spectrum display
a-Notch Bank
Notch Filter Bank; useful to remove noise with a harmonic spectum (e.g, mains hum, GSM signals, charge-pump noise, etc). Note: this plugin is not suitable to be automated, it is intended for static noise only.
a-High/Low Pass Filter
High and Low Pass Filter with de-zipped controls
Mute button with slow fade in/out (approx. 1sec exponential)
Simple sine wave generator with gain and frequency controls
Versatile +/- 20dB multichannel amplifier

Editor Actions

Delete xrun markers
Delete all xrun markers in the current session
Swing It (Rubberband)
Create a 'swing feel' in selected regions. The beat position of selected audio regions is analyzed, then the audio is time-stretched, moving 8th notes back in time while keeping 1/4-note beats in place to produce a rhythmic swing style. (This script also servers as example for both VAMP analysis as well as Rubberband region stretching.) Kudos to Chris Cannam.
Send Tracks to Bus
Create a Bus and add aux-sends from all selected tracks
Bypass Plugins
Bypass Plugins on selected tracks
Export markers as mp4chaps
Exports MP4chaps of all markers except xruns. The markers are stored in the export directory of the session in mp4 chapter marks format. The filename is mp4chaps.txt Note that there's always a chapter mark "Intro" at 00:00:00.000 as some players can't live without it. If there are no exportable markers, the file is not created. This is a bit more convenient than the export option, as one does not have to wait for the export.
Trigger a keyboard shortcut. You will be prompted for the shortcut's action in the next step.
Faders to Trims
Add 'Trim' plugins to all tracks. Move the fader value into the trim.
Tom's Loop
Bounce the loop-range of all non muted audio tracks, paste at playhead
Polyphonic Audio to MIDI
Analyze audio from the selected audio region to a selected MIDI region. A MIDI region on the target track will have to be created first (use the pen tool). This script uses the Polyphonic Transcription VAMP plugin from Queen Mary Univ, London. The plugin works best at 44.1KHz input sample rate, and is tuned for piano and guitar music. Velocity is not estimated.
Add Scopes
Add 'Inline Scope' Lua Processor to all Tracks
Region Select/2
Select every 2nd region on all selected tracks
Store Mixer Settings
Stores the current Mixer state as a file that can be read and recalled arbitrarily by it's companion script, Recall Mixer Settings. Supports: processor settings, grouping, mute, solo, gain, trim, pan and processor ordering, plus re-adding certain deleted plugins.
Remove Unknown Plugins
Remove all unknown plugins/processors from all tracks and busses
Bounce+Replace Regions
Bounce selected regions with processing and replace region
Reset Mixer
Resets key mixer settings after user-prompt (warning: this cannot be undone)
Add LFO automation to region
Add LFO-like plugin automation to any automatable parameter below a selected region
MIDI CC to Plugin Automation
Parse a given MIDI control changes (CC) from all selected MIDI regions and convert them into plugin parameter automation
Normalize All Tracks
Normalize all regions using a common gain-factor per track.
Track Organizer
Easily modifiable session overview and track property editor
Search and Jump to Marker
Jump to the first marker that matches a given name pattern
Mixer Store
Stores the current Mixer state as a file that can be read and recalled arbitrarily. Supports: processor settings, grouping, mute, solo, gain, trim, pan and processor ordering, plus re-adding certain deleted plugins.
Mixer Screenshot
Save a screenshot of the complete mixer-window, regardless of scrollbars or visible screen area
Marker Split
Split regions on selected tracks at all locations markers
Engage Automation
Set automation mode of various controls (fader, trim, mute, pan), for all selected tracks.
Meter Point
Batch change metering point for selected or tracks in the given session.
Prepare recording for podcast
Prepares the Ardour session for podcast recording. * Sets the gain automation to "Write" so that muting buttons work. * Recenables all tracks. * Clears all markers. * Erases the last capture (assuming that it was a failed one) * Rewinds the session to starting point. * Recenables the session.
Recall Mixer Settings
Recalls mixer settings outined by files created by Store Mixer Settings. Allows for some room to change Source and Destination.
List Plugins
List and count plugins used in this session
Create Drum Tracks
Creates eight new tracks with representative drum names and colors.
Mute All Tracks
Mute all tracks in the session

Editor Callbacks

Save Snapshot after Export
Save a session-snapshot on export, named after the export-timespan
Periodically Save Snapshot
Save a session-snapshot periodically (every 15mins) named after the current date-time

Session Wide Realtime

Stop at Marker
Stop the transport on every location marker when rolling forward.

Session Templates

Advanced Session
Allow to configure master-bus and autoconnect settings
Recording Session
Add as many mono tracks to the new session as there are physical audio inputs and optionally record-arm them.