Ardour 3.1.10 released

As previously announced, we plan to make regular, frequent releases of Ardour now that the 3.x series has finally been released. About month after 3.0, 3.1 is ready with the usual cocktail of new features, workflow improvements and bug fixes.

This one took a little longer to release because of software engineering changes that we did immediately after 3.0, but you should expect a fairly steady stream of new releases in the future.

As usual, you can fetch the update from the download page.

A packaging error caused 3.1 to be lacking all translations into languages other than English. 3.1.10 has been released to fix this. There are no other functional changes between 3.1 and 3.1.10. The source code release is unchanged (because the build process actually generates the translations).

Improvements and New Functionality

MIDI channel control expanded
  • separate controls for input and output handling
  • can now filter out MIDI channels on input or playback
  • can now record all MIDI channels to a fixed channel (per track)
  • can force playback of all MIDI channels to a fixed channel (per track)
  • now managed via a popup window
  • track header just provides summary of channel control state
Freesound improvements
  • Add a 'More' button to load the next page of results without clearing the already-found list.
  • Don't allow cancellation of searches, and don't update progress bar around searches, since we only get one page at a time now.
  • Show number of pages of results remaining to download in the tooltip of the 'More' button.
  • Stop bad things happening when clicking in the Freesound search results list while a search or file download is already in progress.
  • Make the 'Stop' button insensitive except when it will actually stop the download of a sound file.
  • Only retrieve one page worth of data per search, rather than looping to get all pages.
  • Don't show an error in the log window if the user cancelled download.
  • Request 100 items per page, rather than the default 30.
  • support for the Non Session Manager (NSM) session protocol
  • treat file names ending in .midi as well as .mid (case-insensitive) as MIDI files
  • correctly handle multiple export files with the same extension (e.g. WAV) but different formats (the format name is appended to the filename)
  • when searching for various kinds of files, expand "~" if it is found in the search path, following POSIX conventions (~ => home folder/directory)
  • dynamically update plugin menus when "Hide" is used in plugin manager so that it is not necessary to restart Ardour to see the result
  • make 0 and keypad-0 keys reset the mono panner, to match stereo panner
  • add export track output option to stem export dialog
  • use LILV state API to load LV2 presets, thus supporting presets that have extra information associated with them
  • improve error reporting when realpath(2) fails
  • document -a (no announcements) option on man page

Drag-n-Drop Fixes and Improvements

  • fix drag and drop from region list so that it actually works, even though it is not as pretty as it was
  • allow Drag-n-Drop onto the blank track area of the editor once again
  • correctly indicate during drag-n-drop where a drop is possible and where it isn't (though the clarity of this depends a bit on your desktop environment)
  • correctly honor ctrl/command modify during drag-n-drop (to indicate copy vs. embed)
  • always import (copy) MIDI files since Ardour considers them writable
  • correctly handle drag-n-drop of mixed file types (audio & MIDI)


  • create "been here before" file even if a first time user doesn't modify the default configuration options
  • fix crash on some systems during fetching announcements from
  • fix incorrect listing of MIDNAM files in the event of the user having their own private set of them in addition to those supplied with Ardour
  • fix mishanding of LXVST (and windows VST) plugin names where the path includes a directory with a period/dot in its name such as ~/.lxvst
  • fix crash when deleting non-existent plugin presets
  • fix crash when using multiply-nested compound regions
  • fix undo/redo of deletion of note, patch change and sysex events
  • make track header faders insensitive to vertical scroll wheel events (again)
  • make MIDI clock synchronization work (again)
  • Don't include unselected regions in edit grouped region operations
  • Ignore track selection if there are any selected regions.
  • fix behaviour when switching into automation write mode while the transport is moving
  • "Hide All" in editor track list functions more consistently
  • Tracks/busses created from templates get names based on the user-supplied value, if given


  • Sakari Bergen
  • Colin Fletcher
  • Robin Gareus
  • Julien Dekozak
  • David Robillard
  • Roy Vegard
  • Hans Baier
  • Paul Davis